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Ultra sound collection — a royalty-free, versatile, and affordable sound library


Ultra sound collection (USC) is a royalty-free, versatile, and affordable sound library recorded, designed, edited, composed, performed, produced, and mastered entirely by Nikola Stojsic (NS studios).


What others say

We never said you have to take our word for it; here is what others said about USC

Jack Swagger
You really should obtain it too. It's a professionally produced sound library well worth the price.
Sam Tupy
For what it costs, I say great lib. I would recommend it.
Piotr Machacz
This is actually really impressive. You went a loooong way from your first attempts. :D


• ambience
bank, city, restaurant, school, fireworks, park, weather…
• animals
dog barking, fighting, owl…
• devices accessories utilities
air condition, bayblade, chainsaw, clock, watche, computer, fridge, fan, keyboard, mouse…
• dice, cards, game related
card draw, shuffle, play, die shake…
• footsteps
carpet walk, jump, grass walk…
• household
door, drawer, creak, toilet, blind…
• human
voice over, clothing, vacuuming, stomping, slapping, snoring…
• impulses
car, phone, recorder, hall, tv…
• liquid
bubble, bathtub, sink…
• music
logo, loop, ringtone, notification…
• noisemakers
balloon, party horn…
• synthetic and foley
8bit, alarm, buzzer, ambience, animal, combat, creature, device, die, card, footstep, household, human, melody, noise, test tone, kick, clap, snare, hat, user interface…
• vehicles
car, airplane, chopper…
• weapons
rifle, toy gun…

the longer demo of the Ultra sound collection content

Were the short demos of each group not enough to get the general idea of the library's characteristics?

Here's the ~20 minute demo done for us by Mason Armstrong (DarkFlier Productions).


• obtaining your copy
Once you purchase your copy of the sound library, we will process your payment manually, and send the download details to your E-mail address as soon as possible.
• refunds
If you purchase the sound library, but end up changing your mind before we send you the download details, you can contact us, and we will refund you the full amount of your order.
If you have, however, already received the download details, we are unable to initiate a refund because of the security measures.
Upon your purchase, we will process the payment manually, and send the download details to your E-mail address within seven days (usually the same or the next day of the purchase). If we are unable to send the download details, you will be refunded the full amount of your order.


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